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Art In Protest | The Dissection Of Trump

Dear Reader,

This is the first submission the in category “#ArtInProtest. In this segment, an artist sends me an image of his protest, with a caption of his choice. I will then write poetry to accompany the piece. This way, we are protesting peacefully together. This time I am collaborating with Garry McMillan, a talented digital artist. Visit his Artist Portrait to learn more about his art and his perspective as a part of #ArtInCoexistence.

American Idiot

The Dissection Of Trump

If our minds operated in organ systems
your ego must be fattened and
heavily weigh down your soul
Your brain went into overdrive
just needing one thing
to reach just one hunger-driven goal

to constantly intoxicate yourself with the thought
You are the greatest of all and therefore
are destined to be seen as the mightiest of all
and entitled to everything and more

Your immune system is specialised in
fighting off any form of non-admiration
No matter what word will enter your brain
the message gets lost in neuro translation
No devastation nor terror, not even disgust
could make it through your body’s defences
Not even the sick and the deaths on your account
could make you look through different lenses

More about Garry McMillan’s Perspective

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