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The Dissection Of Trump
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About Art In Protest

After launching “Symbiosis” I realised that it’s very easy to just say “we need to coexist” and sketch this fairy-tale picture where we all live in peace and cover ourselves in flowers and cotton candy. This is not the full picture and I feel like I might be missing the point by not talking about  why it is so hard for us to coexist.

This is a place to show us the matters you are rooting for, or protesting against.
This could be in any form of art. Submit your artwork by signing up.

Meanwhile, I would like to share some of your perspectives, focussing mainly on what you think we need to do to solve the matter. One big, and one small change at a time.

The rooting and the protesting can of course be two different matters.*

After receiving your message, I might like to ask you some additional questions to place your idea within context. Let’s find the best way to tell people about your point of view!

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Interviews might get political sometimes. This does not mean I necessarily agree with every opinion I share on my platform. As long as someone’s opinion isn’t spreading hate towards any specific group of people, I am open to listening and sharing.

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