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The News In Poetry | Hidden Crimes of our Meat Industry

Dear Readers,

This time I would like to have a conversation with you about a very sensitive subject: our meat industry. This does not mean I judge you for your diet, it means that I judge the meat industry for the way they’re treating animals.

Earlier this year, in May, I was watching the news with my partner. The journalists quickly informed us that “23.000 chickens were killed in a barn fire. Further investigation will be done to find the cause of the fire.” 10 seconds of the morning news, that was it.

In the following days I kept track of the news, hoping more people were occupied with the same question as me. What were 23.0000 animals doing in one single shed?
To my surprise and disappointment, nobody was asking this question. The only follow up I found was the cause of the fire: somebody had lit the fire on purpose.

Last week, an even more shocking item came out in the news. A Dutch animal activist organisation “The Pigs in Need Foundation” (Literal translation), had discovered a slaughterhouse was drowning pigs in boiling hot water, instead of sedating them and slaughtering them. The slaughterhouse had done this on multiple occasions and had been involved in animal abuse in the past. Right now, the only possible sanctions are a 1.500 euro fine or a warning. A 1.500 euro fine is way cheaper than sedating these animals before slaughter.

Honestly, I can’t wrap my head around this.
These things are happening right now, as we speak. All over the world.

Apparently, keeping 23.000 chickens in one single shed is normal.
Apparently, boiling pigs alive, is fine as long as you pay 1.500 euros.

Do we want to facilitate the abuse of an unimaginable number of animals worldwide?
Each cent we spend means our approval.


Poetry: Jovannah Bär
Art by: Diane Michelin

We Are Deadly

By domesticating animals
As much as we possibly could
We are no longer seeing the world
In the way we really should
A place for numerous beings
To live, to eat and to sleep
Life for all on the planet
To enjoy, to grow and to keep

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Art In Protest | The Dissection Of Trump

Dear Reader,

This is the first submission the in category “#ArtInProtest. In this segment, an artist sends me an image of his protest, with a caption of his choice. I will then write poetry to accompany the piece. This way, we are protesting peacefully together. This time I am collaborating with Garry McMillan, a talented digital artist. Visit his Artist Portrait to learn more about his art and his perspective as a part of #ArtInCoexistence.

American Idiot

The Dissection Of Trump

If our minds operated in organ systems
your ego must be fattened and
heavily weigh down your soul
Your brain went into overdrive
just needing one thing
to reach just one hunger-driven goal

to constantly intoxicate yourself with the thought
You are the greatest of all and therefore
are destined to be seen as the mightiest of all
and entitled to everything and more

Your immune system is specialised in
fighting off any form of non-admiration
No matter what word will enter your brain
the message gets lost in neuro translation
No devastation nor terror, not even disgust
could make it through your body’s defences
Not even the sick and the deaths on your account
could make you look through different lenses

More about Garry McMillan’s Perspective

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Art In Coexistence | Anatomy Of Love

Dear Reader,

This time I would like to introduce you to Eva Maria Hunt, a very talented artist and a delight to work with! She has requested a specific assignment, preferably on love. This is how we came to collaborate on “Anatomy Of Love”. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy this piece as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it. You might recognize the poetry from my bundle “Seasoned Eyes Are Beaming”. I have revised it slightly because my perspective has changed.

Have a lovely weekend!


“The Love Within” by Eva Maria Hunt

Anatomy of Love

There might be a hundred kinds of love
And it’s more than just an emotion
I can’t define it, though I’ve tried
Love is very painful when it’s not replied

Love can be a teacher
Love may push you off track
Love is unconditional
You cannot turn and take it back

There might be a hundred kinds of love
And it’s more than just a state of being
I can’t explain it, though I’ve tried
Love isn’t over, once somebody has died.

Love can be a motive
Love can form a shield
Love is a two-edged weapon
The scar remains a weak spot
Even when the wound has healed.

To me, love used to travel one way
I opened my heart, but then they’d run away

While my love is very loyal
It has made me very strong
Even in times of unreasonable hate
Love’s watched over me all along
The loveless road I’ve travelled
It’s taught me to truly see
If I want to be loved by anyone

Love has to begin with me.

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Art In Coexistence | Seasoned Eyes Are Beaming

Dear Artists & Readers,

The first artist I have ever worked with is Jack Savage, a multi award winning fine art photographer from London. Jack has designed the cover of my previous book and he couldn’t have done a better job! Yesterday, he’s told me some great news! Jack’s work is gonna be represented by a gallery in Berlin! I just wanted to make use of this opportunity to publicly congratulate him! (and share some art of course!)

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below to congratulate Jack 🙂

This is the link to his website.
This is the link to his instagram.
This is the link to our book on amazon. (available worldwide)

The poetry below is the first poem I wrote for my solo publication.
I hope you like it!


Image by Jack Savage©
Poetry by Jovannah Bär©

Seasoned Eyes Are Beaming

If you ever live to be eighty
you went through more than
twenty nine thousand days
Your time worn body will
have changed your
self-presenting face

You might have changed
some of your fundamental convictions
over your many turbulent years
You might have developed
and eventually conquered
some very deeply rooted fears

If you ever live to be eighty
you went through more than
you have grown to imagine today
with hopefully nothing left to prove
but probably so many meaningful
words, you’ll just know how to say

You might have drowned in many nightmares
You might have been absent while daydreaming
but when you look back at your
younger years, your
Seasoned eyes are beaming

This poetry has been officially published and therefore copyrighted.
If you want to share this work, please mention my name.

Cover Art by Jack Savage©

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Art In Coexistence | Human Be Kind

Dear Readers,

Image by Evelyn Edwina D’Souza©
Poetry by Jovannah Bär©

Human Be Kind
Now that we are confronted with this
worldwide, tangible devastation
Out in the open with our inequality
living in total isolation, separated
from our heart’s desires
It makes me long back to
When we all lived our lives the same
Warming up to community campfires

Now that freedom itself
is under attack, we’re confronted with
what seems to be at a lack
With what seems to be a faulty intention
Can you feel it? The imperial tension
If we want to save our civilisation
We have to save the next generation
From this immeasurable disrespect
Towards many mothers, brothers and daughters.

Lives are at stake because of numbers
Children are being disregarded
Because they are a girl
Because they are of color
Because they were born
In the “wrong” neighbourhood
What happened to sharing
Our collective success and growth?
As humankind

-Human, please be kind.