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How to submit

Hi! My name is Jovannah, let’s coexist!

Please use the contact form to fill in your information.

Please read:

  • Don’t forget to put your name or signature on any image you send me.
    (You will be able to send them after we’ve been in contact.)
  • By sending me your artwork through the mail, you agree with me displaying them on this website and/ or sharing them on instagram. Your (user)name will always be mentioned so people know how to find your portfolio.
  • Please support me by sharing my instagram account en sharing this project with your network 🙂


A. I want you to display my artwork online
B. I want you to publish my work in your book / magazine
C. I want both!

A. I want to send in some work for you to write to
B. I want you to send me a specific assignment
C. I want both!