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I am offering you a collaboration that’s entirely about sharing. Sharing your art, and sharing your point of view.

Jovannah Bär
Hi! My name is Jovannah Bär,
let’s make some art together!

Are you an artist?
Would you like to support human rights & climate awareness with your creation?
Would you like to let other artists know you’re out here, coexisting?
Would you like to have your artwork printed into a physical book, and promoted for free?
Then this offer is for you. (or recommend an artist friend of course)

We’ll match up our artworks and have the products of our point of view coexist.

Jovannah Bär

About Art In Coexistence
When I think of the world I see major problems: we are struggling to coexist with each other and different ecosystems of which we demand space and resources.

Often when discussing this topic with the people around me, we come to the conclusion that the problem might originate from the fact that we all view the world so differently.

After publishing my poetry bundle Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming, I realised that as a poet, I tend to write about myself. Now, my perspective alone is not that interesting. That’s how I came to Symbiosis, a piece of art that’s collective and made by a group of people who for a moment, focus on the same thing and create art out of it.

Through Art In Coexistence, I would like to meet artists, and talk with them about how they view the world, and listen to their opinions on serious matters. We’ll match up our artworks and have the products of our point of view coexist. At the end of this project we will have a collection of people who have shared their point of view, which will hopefully unite us through these isolated times.

I am offering you a collaboration that’s entirely about sharing. Sharing your art, and sharing your point of view.

Right now I have different projects running. If you sign up, you can choose which project(s) you’d like to join. Click on the project names to find a more information. All kinds of artists are welcome! Painters, photographers, composers, dancers, video makers, you name it -you are welcome!

By leaving your questions in the comment section below, you can help other artists to find information I might have missed. For information on finances and my publisher, find the FAQ button below. Don’t hesitate to leave your comment at the bottom of this page.

1. Symbiosis
A poetry bundle, available world wide. During the writing of this poetry book I hope to motivate artists to send in a piece of their artwork, and to give us a glimpse of their perception of the world. We will work together on a story starting in total isolation, leading up to perfect symbiosis (perfect way of coexisting, where no party suffers). The proceeds will go to a charity we choose together. Read more…

2. Digital Exposition.
At some point, when there’s enough collaborations, we will set up a digital exposition with music, artworks and poetry. There will be an open brainstorm session on zoom, but you don’t have to be there to take part. If this is a succes I am planning to do at least one exposition, every season of the year.

3. Instagram | Art Chain
Would you like for me to share your artwork on instagram? Or do you want to be low-key part of this project? Use #artincoexistence in your caption when uploading any art to appear in the gallery. Tag me @artincoexistence to notify me of your upload. You don’t have to sign up to take part.

3. Blog | Artists Portrait
In this segment, I will interview an artist and listen to their point of view. This project is often linked to #ArtInProtest

4. Blog | Art In Protest
In this segment an artist sends me a protest artwork, and tell me about their point of view. Then I will write poetry to it, so we can protest peacefully together.

5. Blog | Experiments
As a student journalist, it is important for me to practice a lot. This is why I will be testing out different kinds of writing. Right now I am experimenting with two segments: The News In Poetry and Small Thought.

Interviews might get political sometimes. This does not mean I necessarily agree with every opinion I share on my platform. As long as someone’s opinion isn’t spreading hate towards any specific group of people, I am open to listening and sharing.


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