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“Symbiosis is an interaction characterised by two or more species living purposefully in direct contact with each other”


In Short
My next project is called ” Symbiosis”, a poetry bundle that consists of my poetry, matched with art by different kinds of artists from all over the world. The proceeds will go to a charity we choose together.

The book is about our relationship with ourselves, our friends & families, our environment and other life forms. It’s about adjusting to our (new) circumstances, changing our minds every now and then, and coming to terms with our losses, wishes and needs.

The project will be published as a poetry bundle with images of artworks from artists all over the world! Furthermore, there will be an online exposition on this website. We will have to actively engage in getting the word out so that your artwork will get seen!

Tell Me More

Right now, the bundle has 5 different chapters. There might be more later on, but I needed this to create the vibe and the storyline. The Idea is to start out in total isolation and to write towards a perfect state of symbiosis.

As an artist you could think of these chapters when sending me your artworks.

1.Living In Total Isolation
2.Discovering The Borders
3.A Collision Of Territories
4.The Coalescence Of Our Lives
5.Perfect Symbiosis

Did you know?
The term “symbiosis” includes a broad range of species interactions but typically refers to three major types:

Symbiosis which is beneficial to both organisms involved.

Symbiosis which is beneficial for one, but doesn’t hurt the other.

Symbiosis which is beneficial for one, but is harming or even killing the other.

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