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Art In Coexistence | Anatomy Of Love

Dear Reader, This time I would like to introduce you to Eva Maria Hunt, a very talented artist and a delight to work with! She has requested a specific assignment, preferably on love. This is how we came to collaborate on “Anatomy Of Love”. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy this piece as much as we’ve enjoyed creating…

Art In Protest | We’re Way Past The Battle

Picture by Janardan Das©Poetry by Jovannah Bär© We’re Way Past The Battle When we first lay our eyes upon each otherWhen we have made it this far to be able to meetI believe, each of us is entitled to be respectedEach of us is carrying that beat. A heartbeat that’s lived on from ancient historyA…

Art In Coexistence | Seasoned Eyes Are Beaming

Dear Artists & Readers, The first artist I have ever worked with is Jack Savage, a multi award winning fine art photographer from London. Jack has designed the cover of my previous book and he couldn’t have done a better job! Yesterday, he’s told me some great news! Jack’s work is gonna be represented by…

Art In Coexistence | Human Be Kind

Dear Readers, Image by Evelyn Edwina D’Souza©Poetry by Jovannah Bär© Human Be KindNow that we are confronted with thisworldwide, tangible devastationOut in the open with our inequalityliving in total isolation, separatedfrom our heart’s desiresIt makes me long back toWhen we all lived our lives the sameWarming up to community campfires Now that freedom itselfis under attack, we’re…


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2 thoughts on “Artworks So Far

  1. I am a visual artist who’s work concentrates on the environment . I think your project is most interesting and would love to be a part in a greater whole. I’m on Instagram.. my website is temporarily down


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