Title: Invisible Voices
Author: Nils Visser & Bobby Carver
Published: July 2017
Each year, Invisible Voices publishes stories of the ‘invisible’ people in our society. In 2017 the story of Bobby Carver was told. A paralyzed, wheelchair-bound man, who lived in a tiny apartment on the first floor, without an elevator.  He wasn’t able to move around in his own home since there was no space to move. In this, book he told us about the isolation and the ongoing fight with the city council to get his right.

I was asked to write poems throughout the book.
(This book is exclusively available at the Brighton Fringe)

Title: The Queen of Brighton
Author: Ró Bodley
Published: August 2017

Title: The Oaks
Author: Craig Neesam & Friends
Published: August 2017
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Craig Neesam asked me to write a poem for him, preferably on love. This resulted in a poem called “Anatomy of Love”.
You may also find a rewritten version of this poem in “Seasoned Eyes Are Beaming”
Craig is a talented street artist who always surprises me when he reads his poems out loud. He knows just how to make you feel the words.