Some Poetry

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we are deadly

Published: Seasoned Eyes Are Beaming
Written on: April 2018
Inspired by:  Yuval Noah Harari
The story:  It is quite easy to cover your eyes and ignore some of the terrible things we are doing to our world and our co-existing beings. I keep telling myself that I want to become a vegetarian and that I should stop getting eggs from the supermarket,  but in reality, I am still contributing to the terrible way in which we treat animals.  This is a poem to remind me, and you, that this is not ok. At least, not if we want to keep our biodiversity as broad as possible.


Published: Seasoned Eyes Are Beaming
Written on: March 2017
Inspired by:  That state after dreaming
The story: Do you know that feeling, when you’re just about to wake up from a dream? I have always found this a wonderful feeling. I’ve always imagined this to be what meditation must feel like or be a baby before birth. Dissociative. Thoughtless, undisturbed, but present.


Published: Seasoned Eyes Are Beaming
Written on: February 2017
Inspired by:  Terrorist Attacks
The story: At first, this poem was called “The Silence After The Bomb.”. When I heard about the bombings, my first thoughts didn’t go out to the physical damage of what happened, I thought of what must have been going through the heads of the victims. I could only imagine how shocked they must have been. Later on, I realised this is quite a common phenomenon after any sort of trauma. Like the world around you is on pause for a moment. You’re overwhelmed. It is all too much to take in, so your brain tries to protect you by shutting down for a moment. Of course, everybody reacts to trauma in a different way.