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Video Poetry| The Home And The Heart

“The Home And The Heart” by Art In Coexistence

Dear Artists and Readers,

I am very proud and a little nervous to show you our first spoken word video project. 🌞
I really hope you like it because I absolutely loved making it! This is a pilot to see if this concept is working. I am very aware of the fact that I need a lot of practise.

This is just one of many families migration stories. I hold a deep respect for the courageous people who manage to leave everything they know and start their lives all over again somewhere far away.🌎 Sadly, it is often precisely these people who are treated the worst. #HumanBeKind

This poem was originally a quick sketch, which I wrote during a recent visit to my grandmother.🌞Let me know what you think of this project. Let me know if you’d like to see more of these videos🙏 Oh and by the way, would you be interested in a spoken word album of Spotify? Please let me know in the comment section below.


Jovannah Bär

Produced by the Art In Coexistence
Sound Design by Frits Padding
Poetry, video & Voice by Jovannah Bär

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Pre-Order “Seasoned Eyes Are Beaming”

Dear Reader,
You can now pre-order “Seasoned Eyes Are Beaming” 🙂
The official publication date is 30-04-2018. To support Cascade Recovery, First Base and Sussex Homamazone covereless Support, come visit me at the Jubilee Library in Brighton. Click on the name of your country (or one of the links next to it) to be redirected to the right webshop.

United Kingdom
United States: Amazon or Barnes& Noble
The Netherlands 

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Thank you :-)

Dear Reader,
My trip to the UK has come to an end and I am on the train heading back home. This week has been very rewarding. This is a picture of the poet’s crew with Craig Neesam (The Oaks) on my left, and Ronan Bodley (The Queen of Brighton) on my right.

Invisible Voices Poets Crew
At the Jubilee Library in Brighton.

Last Saturday I read some poems to a small audience at Cascade Café. Craig Neesam is a wonderful performer and I am very happy to have him as a friend, as well as a mentor. I hope that one day, I will present my work as naturally as he does.

I’d like to thank all the people who came to see our exposition last week, whether it was out of curiosity, whether we had a nice conversation or you bought a bundle, a book or a photo: your contribution has helped us raise our voices for people in need!

The money we’ve made will be donated to Cascade Creative Recovery, Sussex Homeless Support and First Base.

All The Love,

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Collaboration Offer For Visual Artists!

Image by Jack Savage ©

S Y M B I O S I S | A Collective Art Project For Human Rights & Climate Awareness

My next project is called ” Symbiosis” (working name) and it will be about co-existing in any form. It is about our relationship with ourselves, our friends & families, our environment and other life forms. It’s about adjusting to our (new) circumstances, changing our minds every now and then, and coming to terms with our losses, wishes and needs.

During the lockdown I had a couple of thoughts on art:
– How art is uniting us
– How art is capable of moving us
– How art helps you share a perspective
– How art will always be an effective way of protesting

Paint | Draw | Compose | Dance | Write | Video Art | Photography

During the writing of this poetry book I hope to motivate artists to send in a piece of their artwork, and to give us a glimpse of their perception of the world.

Visit my new project page to learn more about Symbiosis.

The book will be published in the UK, but there’s a lot of sales in the Netherlands and the US as well. The book will be available for online purchase world wide.

I am writing for charity so I won’t be able to pay you, but your name and website will be published as well.

Last time the money went to Sussex Homeless Support which runs a street kitchen to feed everybody on the streets. In the winters they make sure people have a roof over their heads. For the next project I am still deciding on who to support. There’s so many people who need help! I was thinking of the Red Cross but I think that we might make more impact by choosing a smaller charity organisation to support. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

There’s two ways:
1. You can send me a piece you would like to have published and I’ll either match it up with something I’ve already written, or I might write something accustomed to the image.

2. You can ask me to send you a piece you can (digitally) draw/ paint / dance / compose to.

To make sure as much money as possible actually makes it to charity, the content will be printed black & white. You art will also be shown in the online exposition and various social media platform.

A contract proposal will be available online shortly, to make sure your (copy) rights are protected. ❤

I will also make sure to put up a gallery with collaborating artists and their information.

For examples of submissions find the slideshow below or visit the SYMBIOSIS | SUPPORTING ARTISTS page. These are the first submissions I have received by Jacob Simon and multi-awardwinning fine art photographer Jack Savage

I am so proud to be working with such talented artists!

Thank You!

How to submit

Hi! My name is Jovannah, let’s co-exist!

Please use the contact form to fill in your information.

Please read:

  • Don’t forget to put your name or signature on any image you send me.
    (You will be able to send them after we’ve been in contact.)
  • By sending me your artwork through the mail, you agree with me displaying them on this website and/ or sharing them on instagram. Your (user)name will always be mentioned so people know how to find your portfolio.
  • Please support me by sharing my instagram account en sharing this project with your network 🙂


A. I want to send in some work for you to match up
B. I want you to send me a specific assignment
C. I want both!

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Small Thought | Trees don’t change position, so trees don’t fight

A while ago I read this wonderful book, “The Hidden Life of Trees” by Peter Wohlleben. He talked about mother trees, the support systems built into the forests and most impressive of all: their symbiotic relationships with funghi.

Imagine how crowded it must be underneath the surface of the earth. I mean, from my point of view, dolphins are much luckier. Please, don’t list all the reasons why they’re not that fortunate. There’s roots everywhere, fungi, earth, all kinds of tiny (creepy) creatures, bones and sometimes a tiny little residence of a mouse.

Moving up the trunk you’ll find all kinds of beings. Ants climbing up the trunk, living their own little symbiotic lives with aphids, birds nesting on the trees giant arms, using bits of his own fallen pieces.
How do they manage to stand so still?

Still, whenever I step into the forest, I can only feel at peace. These trees seem to have gotten the hang of it. They have the gold. They are the masters of symbiosis, I have an unfathomable respect for trees.

There is hope though! Trees have existed for millions and millions of years. We are still very young from an evolutionary point of view. And let’s not forget the head start; trees don’t change position, so trees don’t fight.