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Art In Coexistence | Anatomy Of Love

Dear Reader,

This time I would like to introduce you to Eva Maria Hunt, a very talented artist and a delight to work with! She has requested a specific assignment, preferably on love. This is how we came to collaborate on “Anatomy Of Love”. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy this piece as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it. You might recognize the poetry from my bundle “Seasoned Eyes Are Beaming”. I have revised it slightly because my perspective has changed.

Have a lovely weekend!


“The Love Within” by Eva Maria Hunt

Anatomy of Love

There might be a hundred kinds of love
And it’s more than just an emotion
I can’t define it, though I’ve tried
Love is very painful when it’s not replied

Love can be a teacher
Love may push you off track
Love is unconditional
You cannot turn and take it back

There might be a hundred kinds of love
And it’s more than just a state of being
I can’t explain it, though I’ve tried
Love isn’t over, once somebody has died.

Love can be a motive
Love can form a shield
Love is a two-edged weapon
The scar remains a weak spot
Even when the wound has healed.

To me, love used to travel one way
I opened my heart, but then they’d run away

While my love is very loyal
It has made me very strong
Even in times of unreasonable hate
Love’s watched over me all along
The loveless road I’ve travelled
It’s taught me to truly see
If I want to be loved by anyone

Love has to begin with me.

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Art In Coexistence | Human Be Kind

Dear Readers,

Image by Evelyn Edwina D’Souza©
Poetry by Jovannah Bär©

Human Be Kind
Now that we are confronted with this
worldwide, tangible devastation
Out in the open with our inequality
living in total isolation, separated
from our heart’s desires
It makes me long back to
When we all lived our lives the same
Warming up to community campfires

Now that freedom itself
is under attack, we’re confronted with
what seems to be at a lack
With what seems to be a faulty intention
Can you feel it? The imperial tension
If we want to save our civilisation
We have to save the next generation
From this immeasurable disrespect
Towards many mothers, brothers and daughters.

Lives are at stake because of numbers
Children are being disregarded
Because they are a girl
Because they are of color
Because they were born
In the “wrong” neighbourhood
What happened to sharing
Our collective success and growth?
As humankind

-Human, please be kind.

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Artist Portrait | Garry McMillan’s Perspective

Dear Reader,

This is the first post for the segment “Artist Portrait” in which I’d like to introduce you to a new perspective. This time I am collaborating with Garry Mcmillan, a very talented artist, located in the United States. We’re gonna talk about him, his art, what he’s rooting for and what he’s protesting against.

Interviews might get political sometimes. This does not mean I necessarily agree with every opinion I share on my platform. As long as someone’s opinion isn’t spreading hate towards any specific group of people, I am open to listening and sharing.

First, Art
Galaxies ahead of you ” He is a young, beautiful, intelligent mind, and he has the drive and determination, he is respectful, creative, confident and when he reaches for the stars, he knows he will end up in galaxies far beyond a person could imagine.  He is all those things, and even more, he just happens to have beautiful brown sugar skin and from African descent, and he is proud of that. That is one of the many things that makes him who he is, he will rise, and he will succeed! ”

“Galaxies Ahead of you” Garry McMillan©

Garry’s Perspective

Name: Garry Mcmillan
Field: Digital Art
Country: United States, Arkansas

How do you see your own artwork?
“I definitely feel that I have my own unique quality to it, and I feel each piece that I put out is a representation of me and a piece of myself.”

Do you remember why you started making art?
“My best friend of 20 years passing away is definitely a big factor. It [art] brought something in me to life that wasn’t there before. It has helped me through some really tough mental and emotional moments.”

We have collaborated on “Art In Protest | The Dissection Of Trump“, what do you think of Trump? Why do you think he acts like he does?
“Honestly, think he is a disrespectful narcissist who has taken advantage of his white privilege and hasn’t ever had to deal with any consequences in life due to his horrible decision making.”

Garry McMillan©

Are you afraid he might be chosen again? What do you think of politics in America?
“Common sense tells me that he shouldn’t be re-elected but there is a part of me still trying to figure out how he got elected in the first place. So, i think he could be re-elected but I’m definitely hoping he is not. I think politics in america are a bunch of beautiful lies that are layered by cracks of corruption.”

Are there any protests in your area? How do you feel about it?
“Yes, there have been BLM protests, and surprisingly my city of Hot Springs Arkansas has stayed positive, and the citizens have really showed up and stuck up for a problem that has been going on for over 400 years and longer, and really made it a big deal!”

Can you think of one big, and one small change Trump could make to be a better president?
“A big and small change he could make is to resign from being president.”

What are you protesting against?
“I am protesting against Donald Trump becoming president for another term. Not just Donald Trump, but [I am] also protesting against systemic racism and oppression. One big change is getting myself and everyone I know to the poles to vote.

One small change is to continue to inform people of how horrible of a person he really is, and the people he keeps around him. Not only to make this nation better but also make the world around us a better place to live peacefully together. Not only to have a better president for the U.S. but better dictators around the world.”

What are you rooting for?
“I am rooting for equality for all people regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, and religion. One big change is voting the right people into office that will fight for equality. One small change is that we keep protesting!

Also protesting with art, when I read what you were doing with this project it made me so interested in doing it! A lot of people have a lot to say with their gift of art and I think for some it’s just a way to speak out! Not only am I for equality in America, but for equality for the entire world!”

Thank you so much for sharing your perspective.

More of Garry’s art and their captions
Her glow– Me finding my wife’s beauty as she was growing our youngest child inside her and everything that comes with growing a human being. ”

“Her Glow” by Garry McMillan©
“Be good to her and she will be good to you” By Garry McMillan

“Taking care of the earth like we should.”

Find our collaboration Mother Earth to see the poetry written to this beautiful piece of art.

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Art In Coexistence | Mother Earth

Dear Reader,

The image below is an artwork created by Garry McMillan, who’s sent in some very impressive pieces of art! I will definitely be sharing more of his work throughout this project. Furthermore, we’ll be collaborating on an artist portrait later on.

He’s submitted his artwork with the caption ” “Be good to her and she will be good to you” – Taking care of the earth like we should.”

Now, on poetry. I wrote this poem somewhere in the second week of the dutch (partial) lock-down. I had this strong feeling we were being corrected by the Earth as a mother, sending her children to their rooms.

Mother Earth

We were all sent to our rooms
to overthink what we’ve been doing
Some of it was clever, gold-hearted and pure
but with most of what we’ve been building
we did not consider the damage
Mother Earth has had to endure

At some point, we don’t know when
we’ll open up our doors, facing a brand new chance
and some day we’ll be back in the theaters
together, to join hands and dance
but first we have to accept that we are not in charge
we’ll have to make amends

In some ways our population equals a teenager,
constantly testing just how far we can go
but it’s time to level to our true power
Counting up our combined ages
We’ll reach maturity as we grow

Mother Earth will always be above us
but like any other parent, She wants us to live
We’ll have to realize, like any other being
there is only so much she can give

Let’s not take our precious Earth for granted.

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