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Art In Coexistence | Seasoned Eyes Are Beaming

Dear Artists & Readers,

The first artist I have ever worked with is Jack Savage, a multi award winning fine art photographer from London. Jack has designed the cover of my previous book and he couldn’t have done a better job! Yesterday, he’s told me some great news! Jack’s work is gonna be represented by a gallery in Berlin! I just wanted to make use of this opportunity to publicly congratulate him! (and share some art of course!)

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below to congratulate Jack 🙂

This is the link to his website.
This is the link to his instagram.
This is the link to our book on amazon. (available worldwide)

The poetry below is the first poem I wrote for my solo publication.
I hope you like it!


Image by Jack Savage©
Poetry by Jovannah Bär©

Seasoned Eyes Are Beaming

If you ever live to be eighty
you went through more than
twenty nine thousand days
Your time worn body will
have changed your
self-presenting face

You might have changed
some of your fundamental convictions
over your many turbulent years
You might have developed
and eventually conquered
some very deeply rooted fears

If you ever live to be eighty
you went through more than
you have grown to imagine today
with hopefully nothing left to prove
but probably so many meaningful
words, you’ll just know how to say

You might have drowned in many nightmares
You might have been absent while daydreaming
but when you look back at your
younger years, your
Seasoned eyes are beaming

This poetry has been officially published and therefore copyrighted.
If you want to share this work, please mention my name.

Cover Art by Jack Savage©

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Art In Coexistence | Human Be Kind

Dear Readers,

Image by Evelyn Edwina D’Souza©
Poetry by Jovannah Bär©

Human Be Kind
Now that we are confronted with this
worldwide, tangible devastation
Out in the open with our inequality
living in total isolation, separated
from our heart’s desires
It makes me long back to
When we all lived our lives the same
Warming up to community campfires

Now that freedom itself
is under attack, we’re confronted with
what seems to be at a lack
With what seems to be a faulty intention
Can you feel it? The imperial tension
If we want to save our civilisation
We have to save the next generation
From this immeasurable disrespect
Towards many mothers, brothers and daughters.

Lives are at stake because of numbers
Children are being disregarded
Because they are a girl
Because they are of color
Because they were born
In the “wrong” neighbourhood
What happened to sharing
Our collective success and growth?
As humankind

-Human, please be kind.

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Art In Coexistence | Mother Earth

Dear Reader,

The image below is an artwork created by Garry McMillan, who’s sent in some very impressive pieces of art! I will definitely be sharing more of his work throughout this project. Furthermore, we’ll be collaborating on an artist portrait later on.

He’s submitted his artwork with the caption ” “Be good to her and she will be good to you” – Taking care of the earth like we should.”

Now, on poetry. I wrote this poem somewhere in the second week of the dutch (partial) lock-down. I had this strong feeling we were being corrected by the Earth as a mother, sending her children to their rooms.

Mother Earth

We were all sent to our rooms
to overthink what we’ve been doing
Some of it was clever, gold-hearted and pure
but with most of what we’ve been building
we did not consider the damage
Mother Earth has had to endure

At some point, we don’t know when
we’ll open up our doors, facing a brand new chance
and some day we’ll be back in the theaters
together, to join hands and dance
but first we have to accept that we are not in charge
we’ll have to make amends

In some ways our population equals a teenager,
constantly testing just how far we can go
but it’s time to level to our true power
Counting up our combined ages
We’ll reach maturity as we grow

Mother Earth will always be above us
but like any other parent, She wants us to live
We’ll have to realize, like any other being
there is only so much she can give

Let’s not take our precious Earth for granted.

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Video | #ArtInCoexistence

Dear Readers,

This video was a spontaneous creation after a brainstorm zoom-meeting with my friend Tammo Deusen. This is one of the first collaborations.

Video: Tammo Deusen
Actress: Lauren
Poetry: Jovannah Bär

Thank you so much for collaborating.

Find the written poem under the video 🙂

Art In Coexistence

For a while now,
I have been living in total isolation.
No ideas were shared,
No heart to heart conversation.

And I missed getting to know your point of view,
Been questioning myself,
What is the right thing to do?
And so here I am with my voice and my small thought
It feels as if we, as a society were caught,

In still life.

Tell me, what are you rooting for?
Show me, what do you see?
Let’s make all of our perspectives fit together,
Let’s tell each other what we need.
If understanding could grow inside of us,
we need to nurture the seed.

#ArtInCoexistence, art in a peaceful conversation,
It is time to say goodbye to this crippling isolation

My name is Jovannah Bär and let’s coexist! Send in your artwork through this link