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Art In Protest | We’re Way Past The Battle

Picture by Janardan Das©
Poetry by Jovannah Bär©

We’re Way Past The Battle

When we first lay our eyes upon each other
When we have made it this far to be able to meet
I believe, each of us is entitled to be respected
Each of us is carrying that beat.

A heartbeat that’s lived on from ancient history
A sound that’s carried us through all of our time
It’s reminding me of a victory fire
To kill it is an unforgivable crime

-Our ancestors already fought it out for us. 

Picture by Janardan Das© at the Brighton BLM Protest

Dear Artists and Readers,
The picture above was taken by Janardan Das, an artist I met in Brighton a couple of years ago. At the time there was a local cultural charity festival called “The Fringe” where I was promoting Seasoned Eyes Are Beaming at the Jubilee Brighton. He asked if he could take a portrait picture of me and that’s where our artistic bonds were made!

We will be working on an artist portrait later on. 😉

By the way, I have been struggling to find the appropriate title to this poem.
Leave a comment below if you have any suggestions!



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Art In Coexistence | Seasoned Eyes Are Beaming

Dear Artists & Readers,

The first artist I have ever worked with is Jack Savage, a multi award winning fine art photographer from London. Jack has designed the cover of my previous book and he couldn’t have done a better job! Yesterday, he’s told me some great news! Jack’s work is gonna be represented by a gallery in Berlin! I just wanted to make use of this opportunity to publicly congratulate him! (and share some art of course!)

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below to congratulate Jack 🙂

This is the link to his website.
This is the link to his instagram.
This is the link to our book on amazon. (available worldwide)

The poetry below is the first poem I wrote for my solo publication.
I hope you like it!


Image by Jack Savage©
Poetry by Jovannah Bär©

Seasoned Eyes Are Beaming

If you ever live to be eighty
you went through more than
twenty nine thousand days
Your time worn body will
have changed your
self-presenting face

You might have changed
some of your fundamental convictions
over your many turbulent years
You might have developed
and eventually conquered
some very deeply rooted fears

If you ever live to be eighty
you went through more than
you have grown to imagine today
with hopefully nothing left to prove
but probably so many meaningful
words, you’ll just know how to say

You might have drowned in many nightmares
You might have been absent while daydreaming
but when you look back at your
younger years, your
Seasoned eyes are beaming

This poetry has been officially published and therefore copyrighted.
If you want to share this work, please mention my name.

Cover Art by Jack Savage©