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Video | #ArtInCoexistence

Dear Readers,

This video was a spontaneous creation after a brainstorm zoom-meeting with my friend Tammo Deusen. This is one of the first collaborations.

Video: Tammo Deusen
Actress: Lauren
Poetry: Jovannah Bär

Thank you so much for collaborating.

Find the written poem under the video 🙂

Art In Coexistence

For a while now,
I have been living in total isolation.
No ideas were shared,
No heart to heart conversation.

And I missed getting to know your point of view,
Been questioning myself,
What is the right thing to do?
And so here I am with my voice and my small thought
It feels as if we, as a society were caught,

In still life.

Tell me, what are you rooting for?
Show me, what do you see?
Let’s make all of our perspectives fit together,
Let’s tell each other what we need.
If understanding could grow inside of us,
we need to nurture the seed.

#ArtInCoexistence, art in a peaceful conversation,
It is time to say goodbye to this crippling isolation

My name is Jovannah Bär and let’s coexist! Send in your artwork through this link

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