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The News In Poetry | “Microplastics are contaminating the fruit and vegetables we eat.”


This article is is written in reaction to a news-article posted by Dailymail. “Microplastics are contaminating the fruit and vegetables we eat including apples, carrots and lettuces after being absorbed through their roots, studies show.”

“For quite a while now, we have known that our oceans are About 8 million tonnes of plastic enters the sea every year, and if business continues as usual we face a future with more plastic in the Ocean than fish by 2050. Our plastic addiction and waste mismanagement is condemning countless marine birds and animals to death by entanglement or poisoning, and even leading to chemical contamination of the fish we eat.” says Ocean Unite, on their “key issues” segment.

Knowing this, I was not surprised when Dailymail announced that our fruit and vegetables are now polluted with microplastics through the rainwater. All because we don’t clean up our mess and choose the least sustainable option for our global basic packing material, and basic building blocks for all of our stuff.

Think about it, when rain falls down on us, we are showering in our own garbage. Hopefully we will find better options in the near future so our food remains safe to eat.  

The rocky relationship between Man and Rain
The clouds above were never my friend
because they would break off the fun we had
when everybody would run to seek shelter
from the raindrops pouring down

While I would wait to see it through
and let the drops fall on my fingers
which would turn cold and tingle a little
and the downpour would sound like singers

Now that I am older and see the parks
turn brown in the sun, while kids are playing
soccer on a square that once was a field
and hearing that life under the surface
is again exposed. when it’s not even healed

It makes me want to rain dance for the clouds
to come back. and sing down on us
feeding all life on earth purifying water
from which all life blooms

Let’s priorities the condition of the Oceans.

One thought on “The News In Poetry | “Microplastics are contaminating the fruit and vegetables we eat.”

  1. Beautiful, words that are crafted very nicely about a seriously important topic that has been detrimental to our planet and will only get worse if we do not take better care of her like she has always done for us.

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