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Thank you :-)

Dear Reader,
My trip to the UK has come to an end and I am on the train heading back home. This week has been very rewarding. This is a picture of the poet’s crew with Craig Neesam (The Oaks) on my left, and Ronan Bodley (The Queen of Brighton) on my right.

Invisible Voices Poets Crew
At the Jubilee Library in Brighton.

Last Saturday I read some poems to a small audience at Cascade Café. Craig Neesam is a wonderful performer and I am very happy to have him as a friend, as well as a mentor. I hope that one day, I will present my work as naturally as he does.

I’d like to thank all the people who came to see our exposition last week, whether it was out of curiosity, whether we had a nice conversation or you bought a bundle, a book or a photo: your contribution has helped us raise our voices for people in need!

The money we’ve made will be donated to Cascade Creative Recovery, Sussex Homeless Support and First Base.

All The Love,

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