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Introduction | Welcome Artists!

Dear Artists,

Welcome to our project, I am so excited to begin this journey with you! I will try to keep it short, but there’s a couple of things we need to discuss 😉

Some of you might have already read this in their email, but it appears that my email can end up in your spambox so please add me as a contact to receive my mail.

I have switched to my own domain and made sure to use BCCs today to make sure we don’t get stuck in email chains. (I am way to chaotic to be able to keep up with email chains)

If you’re not up to reading, and simply want to move on to art, please scroll down.

Art In Coexistence
It’s been 7 days since posting my collaboration offer. Little did I know so many artists would respond! This is why I decided to make groups of around 30 people. This way it is easier for me to keep track of our correspondence.
Let me start by clarifying why I chose to start this project.

Over the last couple of months, it became clear to me that empathy and understanding are not necessarily the norm. There’s a lot of good things going on, but this doesn’t take away that there’s also a lot of judgment and injustice. It became clear to me that we as human beings in general, are not very good at coexisting. This is why I would love to unite people with art. Find common ground and built some art around it as a form of foundation. It’s quite reassuring to know that every single artist signing on, wants to make it work, wants to coexist in peace.
I put the deadline on November 20th. I have no idea if I can keep this project running and if there will be enough artists who want to collaborate, but I am sure that any contribution we make, even if it’s to one life, is worth it.

Art in protest.
After launching “Symbiosis” I realised that it’s very easy to just say “we need to coexist” and sketch this fairy-tale picture where we all live in peace and cover ourselves in flowers and cotton candy. This is not the full picture and I feel like I might be missing the point by not talking about  why it is so hard for us to coexist.
This is why I want to start collecting artwork in protest, but also ask people about what they feel needs to change. In segment #ArtInProtest I will collect ideas from people all over the world. I am asking for one thing you’re rooting for, and one big and one small change that needs to be made to make it happen.
The other question is what “What are you protesting against?” and likewise one big and one small change. Feel free to fill in the form on my website to share your ideas!
I might sometimes feature perspectives that are entirely opposite to mine, to begin with. Who knows? I might change my mind.

Now let’s move on to art.

Art Sini©

Your artwork
There were 3 options presented on the site:
A. Send in existing work for you to match up.
B. Give me a specific assignment  
C. Both.

Existing Work.
If there’s any art you’d like to share please send it to
By sending me your artwork you agree with me displaying them on the website, and from January on, print them in the book. You can refrain from wanting your work printed up to a month before publication January 30  th 2020. The publication might be later, but won’t be earlier. Pictures on the website can be taken down at any time!

I strongly recommend putting your trademark/ signature on any pictures you send me. I am managing this project on my own and therefore won’t be able to do it for you.
I will always make sure to mention your name and link your website/ instagram profile. (tell me which you prefer)
Would you like to tell something about your work? Send your text along with your artwork.

Specific Assignment
This part feels so very exciting to me!  As you might have read the book will have at least 5 parts. The idea is to start in total isolation and write about the journey to “perfect symbiosis” (A perfect way to coexist, where no party suffers)

  • Living In Total Isolation
  • Discovering The Borders
  • A Collision Of Territories
  • The Coalescence Of Our Lives
  • Perfect Symbiosis

You could make a piece of art to accompany the poetry in these chapters.
Would you like it to be more specific? I could send you a poem to write to!
Please send me an email if you would like to receive a poem!

Last but not least
As you might have noticed the website has undergone several changes throughout the week. From today on I have my own domain and the new website link is , the other link is still active as well.

Furthermore, I added the artist inspiration page, this page is still under construction at the moment. Later this week you will receive a password to this page. This way you won’t receive too many emails and find information when you feel like it. I mean to build it in a way where you can leave messages for the other artists! This way it will be easy to start your own collaborations.

In order to keep this project running and show all of our artworks to the world, it is important for us to share the initiative. Please share my Instagram account @jovannahbar and share the website with people you think might be interested.
You can help by using the tags  #jovannahbar &  #artincoexistence when sharing any related posts.
Contact me for any further questions, suggestions and remarks.

Thank you so much for your time and creativity!


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