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Art In Protest | We’re Way Past The Battle

Picture by Janardan Das©
Poetry by Jovannah Bär©

We’re Way Past The Battle

When we first lay our eyes upon each other
When we have made it this far to be able to meet
I believe, each of us is entitled to be respected
Each of us is carrying that beat.

A heartbeat that’s lived on from ancient history
A sound that’s carried us through all of our time
It’s reminding me of a victory fire
To kill it is an unforgivable crime

-Our ancestors already fought it out for us. 

Picture by Janardan Das© at the Brighton BLM Protest

Dear Artists and Readers,
The picture above was taken by Janardan Das, an artist I met in Brighton a couple of years ago. At the time there was a local cultural charity festival called “The Fringe” where I was promoting Seasoned Eyes Are Beaming at the Jubilee Brighton. He asked if he could take a portrait picture of me and that’s where our artistic bonds were made!

We will be working on an artist portrait later on. 😉

By the way, I have been struggling to find the appropriate title to this poem.
Leave a comment below if you have any suggestions!



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