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Art In Coexistence Relaunch

Dear Artists and Readers,

We are entering the 8th month and I am still so proud and surprised to see what we have accomplished these first months! Thank you so much!🥰

Now that we have a steady base I would like to focus on quality. This is why I will be relaunching Art In Coexistence, while also getting some professional help to make sure everything looks good. After this, I will apply for funding with hopes I’ll have more financial aids to promote your works and build our projects.

What will change?
– The website will be rebuilt (this means the website will be out of order for a couple of days)
– There will be a steady set of segments so you know what content to expect.
– There will be a schedule, this way you know what days I am posting.
– I will be releasing more information about our book.
– I will be releasing more information about our magazine!

If you have any requests, please comment your suggestions below 😊


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